Project Profiles


BART WSX, Fremont, California

The BART Warm Springs project is a $130 million construction contract that includes a mile-long subway beneath Fremont Central Park, an embankment for future BART trackways and two ventilation structures. Polymer Rubber Gel, GTS-350 (positive side) and GTS-500 (blind side) systems were specified for the entire subway box structure. This tunnel is constructed underneath Lake Elizabeth and is near the seismically active Hayward fault. Successfully completed in 2011.


Presidio Parkway, san Fransisco, California

The Presidio Parkway project was designed to improve the seismic, structural and traffic safety of the historic Doyle Drive route connecting San Francisco to the Golden Gate bridge.  The project will succeed in improving the roadway through the addition of new tunnels and more access points while improving views from within the National Historic Landmark District. Four separate tunnels were built to handle the traffic. Our GTS-350 and GTS-500 were used in the two phases of construction.


PNC Bank plaza, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Restoration of a plaza deck with parking below.  Applied in around the clock shifts, the GTS-350 System and Poly-Rubber Gel, successfully restored PNC Bank World Headquarters in Pittsburgh on time, under budget and with minimal disruption to normal business activities. 


Leak Repair MBTA "Big Dig" Boston, Massachusetts

Poly-Rubber Gel was successfully applied at three separate sites to the positive side of 5 foot thick slurry walls to create a restorative waterproofing membrane to seal leaks. The first injection site included through wall injections in a utility bay room that was experiencing seeping leaks through the slurry wall and at the intersect of the soldier pile and slurry wall. Checking for counterflow, Poly-Rubber Gel was injected from the bottom of the wall to the top directly adjacent to a soldier pile to stop leaks