GEL-TECH SYSTEMS are composite waterproofing systems that incorporate a cold, fluid applied GTS Polymer-Rubber Gel with high performance GTM Protection Sheets. The combination of a non-curing, self-healing, Poly-Rubber Gel with a durable, puncture resistant protection sheet makes GEL-TECH the ultimate waterproofing solution for above grade, below grade and blind side applications. RE-Systems Group Americas (RSGA) provides high performance waterproofing solutions for the civil, commercial, and restoration markets.


GTS-350 Positive side composite waterproofing system that combines a spray-applied Polymer Rubber Gel with a high performance, durable, puncture resistant protection sheet that can be applied to new construction and restoration projects.

GTS-500 Blind side composite waterproofing system that combines a durable HDPE protection sheet, and a spray applied non-curing Polymer Rubber Gel that is encapsulated by second LLDPE protection sheet used on new construction projects.

GTS-600 Under slab composite waterproofing system that can be utilized over protective mud slabs or onto compacted granular fill that double as a vapor barrier and a waterproofing system for new construction projects.

GTS-700 Green roof waterproofing system that is built off of and expanded from our GTS-350 system and utilizes drainboard and a durable root barrier membrane for exceptional protection in intensive and extensive green roof applications. 

GTS-800 Tunnel lining waterproofing system that combines the self-healing properties of our monolithic Polymer Rubber Gel with our carbon resistant HDPE protective sheets to provide extreme leak protection from hydro-static pressure commonly found in deep structures.

GTI-1000 Non-intrusive, restorative Polymer Rubber Gel membrane that is injected though the foundation to immediately repair active and future water leaks in below grade structures. The superior flexibility, adhesiveness and self-healing characteristics of GTI-1000, makes it a long-term solution for repairing and restoring failed waterproofing membranes.