Our Mission

To Make the World a Better Place with Innovative and Advanced Waterproofing Solutions for our Customers.

Experts in Gel-Waterproofing Technology, we have led the effort for over 20 years to permanently protect structures from water intrusion. We have been at the forefront of providing innovative solutions with our GTS Poly-Rubber Gel Waterproofing System. We care about our customers and we strive to provide the best solutions, service, and support in the industry.

High Performance Technology and Service

RE-Systems Group Americas (RSGA) provides high performance waterproofing solutions for the civil, commercial, and restoration construction industry. Our patented technology is proven and effective on the world’s most demanding projects. GTS “GEL-TECH SYSTEMS” provides owners, architects, engineers, and contractors high performance demanding construction conditions. RSGA strives to provide superior technical consultation to help provide a waterproofing solution that correctly addresses each project’s unique needs, while reducing costs and improving productivity.


With deep a knowledge of civil infrastructure, commercial, and restoration markets, RSGA has the expertise and experience to provide quality waterproofing solutions.  To ensure GEL-TECH SYSTEMS are properly installed, RSGA specially trains applicators ensuring correct installation of our high performance waterproofing GEL-TECH SYSTEMS. We also back our products with our RE-Assurance Guarantee Program, which provides users with the confidence their project will stand the test of time, even under the most adverse conditions. Contact us to learn how we can provide the right waterproofing solution for your next project. 

Committed to Sustainable Construction

RSGA manufactures products that are created from recycled and sustainable materials. Our polymer rubber gel is comprised of greater than 25% post-consumer recycled content using an environmentally friendly manufacturing process.

Build a Legacy

Guided by the principles of integrity and longevity, RSGA introduces Infinite Engineering. Infinite Engineering values the idea of creating structures that are designed to last for generations. We challenge owners, architects and engineers to design and build structures with the following ideals in mind:

  1. Avoid compromising the quality of materials and design

  2. Reduce continuous maintenance and life cycle costs

  3. Design easily repaired, upgraded or modified structures

  4. Build with "Green" technology, using non-toxic and recycled materials.

We will continue to develop technologies that fit the concept of Infinite Engineering, giving architects, engineers and builders the tools necessary to create and maintain long-term projects that will stand the test of time.

What We've Achieved

Notable Infrastructure Projects

  • MTA Boston Big Dig Leak Repair 2006

  • Incheon International Airport 2006

  • BART WSX Tunnel, Warm Springs, CA 2010

  • TTC Shepard West Station, Toronto, Canada 2010

  • CalTRANS Presidio Parkway Tunnels, San Fransisco, CA 2011

  • WISDOT Zoo Interchange, Milwaukee, WI 2013

  • TTC Dufferin Station, Toronto, Canada 2014

  • MTA Steinway/South Ferry, New York, New York 2015

  • SFMTA Portal Tunnel, San Fransisco, CA 2015

  • TTC Spadaina Station, Toronto, Canada 2015

  • RTA Brookpark Station, Cleveland, OH 2016

  • SFMTA Central Subway YBM Station, San Fransisco, CA 2016

  • SFMTA Central Subway UMS Station, San Fransisco, CA 2017

  • SFMTA Central Subway China Town Station, San Fransisco, CA 2018

Notable Building Projects

  • Regions Hospital, MN 2007

  • University of Wisconsin, WI 2008

  • Regions

  • Cedars Sinai Hospital, CA 2009

  • University of Minnesota, MN 2009

  • LA Supreme State Courthouse, LA 2010

  • Hilton Hotel, Houston, TX 2011

  • Embassy Suites, Sacraments, CA 2011

  • PNC Plaza Pittsburgh, PA 2012

  • Garland Center LA, CA 2013

  • Corona Brewery Mexico 2014

  • Unity Hospital, MN 2014

  • US Bank Plaza, MN 2014

  • Cargill Foundation, MN 2015

  • Hennepin County Government Center, MN 2016

  • Uline Corporate Headquarters, WI 2016

  • Land O Lakes Corporate, MN Headquarters 2016

  • Barcardi Plant, Puerto Rico 2016

  • MAC MSP Airport, MN 2016

  • Wynn Casino, MA 2017

  • Groveland Terrace, MN 2017

  • MNSCU Vets Building, MN 2017

  • UC Davis, CA 2018